We Are Seacroft

is a collective of local residents and groups, organisations, charities and community trusts who share a passion for Seacroft.




The network grew out of wanting to be a well connected community that recognises its power to create social change and sustain a safer environment for everyone. In responding to local, and global, challenges, we saw the power of collaboration and a community who were able to look out for each other and look after each other. We saw that we had the skills and resources to make real change between us and we are committed to working closely together, long term. Many of the people involved have lived and worked in Seacroft for a long time, but came together in new ways. 

The lead organisations that helped to initiate this conversation include LS14 Trust, Fall Into Place Theatre, Seacroft Community on Top, Kentmere Community Centre, Seacroft Churches, Chapel FM Arts Centre, Seacroft Friends and Neighbours, Seacroft and Manston Cluster and Climate Action Seacroft.


We’ve learned that we really are stronger together, and we’d love even more people to be involved. Come and have a cuppa. Tell us your stories, your thoughts and your ideas. We are what we share.

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