Seacroft stories


Mags is the LS14 Trust Community Volunteer Coordinator; she joins me at the café and community pantry for a chat.

We sit down and Mags tells me that has just been having a meeting with a new volunteer who has contacted LS14 Trust to offer her support. The volunteer is a local resident; she is looking to share her teaching skills and help local children and young families through the Healthy Holidays project. We talk about how people like this are making a huge difference to the community. Mags’ role is to hold space for them and support them to find meaningful links and spaces for their volunteering.

Seacroft has a thriving community of local resident volunteers who are the foundation of the rich network of local community projects. Organisations such as LS14 Trust and Chapel FM take their cue from local residents, and look to highlight, celebrate and support the great work that is already being done.

Mags has witnessed the empowering impact of volunteering on people’s lives:

“My role is to meet up and make those connections, then hopefully the magic happens, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t, it’s holding it lightly. I see myself as a link person, providing opportunities to make those things happen. Some people come through the door and say “how can I get involved” and some come through the new We are Seacroft website”.

Mags talks me through what residents can expect when they meet her to have a chat. Volunteering is very much based on finding meaningful experiences and empowering relationships for local residents. In an open and person-centered approach, Mags really enjoys meeting people for a cuppa and having a chat about what they are interested in. She will then find local connections for them to give volunteering a go. People can then check in with her and try something else until they find an opportunity that works for them and gives them a sense of purpose and enjoyment. Volunteers often develop new skills and confidence; when they have ideas for new groups or projects, Mags can support them to make it happen.

Volunteering can be a really great way to find a new path for yourself when you are facing big life changes.

Some of the incredible volunteers from Seacroft have very kindly shared their experiences of volunteering with us and what it means to them.

“I became interested in volunteering again after I was made redundant. It has been good to feel that I’m being useful and supportive to others. I’ve learnt some new things and it has improved my confidence.” Jan.

“After I took early retirement, I had no idea who I was, or what my skills are. I found that volunteering was a great way to find out who I was. I am now back in paid employment, and work with volunteers. It’s a great way to learn to spread your wings.” Clarrie.

“Being a volunteer has really helped me with my grieving after the loss of my husband. Also, volunteering helps you feel good, getting out & meeting people & also helping others. You feel that you are putting something back into the community!” Gloria. 

“I started volunteering at the LS14 pantry to clear cardboard, I chose to do this to help with my anxiety and confidence. I now help with deliveries and stacking shelves. I’ve learned new skills. It has helped me to meet people from the community, getting to know people and helping give something back to the community.” Michelle.

It can be easy for parents to lose their own identity when they start a family. One volunteer shares how working in the LS14 Trust café gave her the opportunity to feel supported and in turn go on to support others in her community:

“I volunteered at LS14 Trust for 3 years, I was a single mum bringing up two children and was lacking in confidence and felt a bit isolated.  Working at the Trust helped me build my confidence up while working in the café. I have gone on to get training and gone on to full time employment in a job that I love.”

The latest exciting news from Mags and the LS14 Trust is that they have a wonderful new volunteer hairdresser onboard. Rosa is a friendly and caring local resident who wants to help women feel good about themselves through self-care. She is offering free haircuts at the LS14 Trust Pantry on the first Monday of every month, the first session will be on the 5th June. To book an appointment, please drop into the LS14 Trust café.

If you would like to meet Mags for a cuppa and a chat about volunteering for your local community, we welcome you to visit our new We Are Seacroft Website: