Seacroft Pantry and Cafe

What is it?

Seacroft Pantry and Cafe is the perfect place to grab an affordable bite to eat or a drink with a friend. Come and enjoy its warm and relaxed atmosphere and find out more about what’s going on in Seacroft.
You can also become a member of Seacroft Pantry which stocks items for your cupboards, fridge and freezer. For £3.50 per week you can take away 16 food items, with free fruit and veg on top.

Who’s organising?

LS14 Trust


The cafe is open 9am-3.30pm, Monday-Thursday
The Pantry is open 9am-1pm, Tuesdays and Wednesdays


Low cost food and drinks, £3.50 for Pantry

Age specific?

All welcome

Book or drop in?

Drop in

Seacroft Pantry and Cafe, 45 Ramshead Hill, Seacroft, LS14 1BT

0113 318 0522

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