We Are Seacroft is a group of residents and organisations who live in, work in and care about Seacroft.

Early in the Covid pandemic, more than two years ago, a group of local organisations and residents came together to respond to the new challenges. That group has continued to work together and the result is We Are Seacroft. A new network made up of organisations including LS14 Trust, Fall Into Place Theatre, Seacroft Community on Top, Kentmere Community Centre, Seacroft Churches, Chapel FM Arts Centre, Seacroft Friends and Neighbours, Seacroft and Manston Cluster and Climate Action Seacroft.

Just as we felt like we’d dealt with one, big hurdle, along came something else. But remembering our learning from the pandemic, and what we know is possible when we come together, it felt like we could form a response to rising energy prices, the cost of living and food prices as a collective. We’ve all been put in a position where living well is going to be extra tough in these coming months. It’s really difficult. We can’t change the really big stuff, like energy prices and the rising cost of living, but we can work out ways to live better together. We want to work towards a world that is more fair and sustainable, and we can start with where we live.

“There was a really great mix of people in the room. It was a genuinely productive space, and I think that’s because residents and organisations were working together.”

People from across the community, industry experts and organisations working in Seacroft got together and decided what information we could share, what we already do that might help and to explore ways of working together to make things better. A collection of resources, ideas, initiatives and practical help from across our collective and the people we know.


Together, we thought it would be most useful for people to have something dropped through their door: A physical ‘thing’ that they could pick up whenever they needed it. Something that could live on the fridge door that gives a summary of what’s available in these tricker times. There’s loads happening in the spaces and places we love across Seacroft. All of our activities are about getting together, getting involved, trying new things and feeling well. We pulled together a few of the things that are happening locally and put them on one flyer. It includes warm and welcoming social spaces, ways to get your hands on good food and support to feel well. 

As well as what we do ourselves, we work closely with other partners, organisations and services that support us all in Seacroft. We’ve put some of what we know might help on this flyer: A range of support and services that are regional or national. The Local Care Partnership worked alongside organisations in Seacroft to gather a list of resources. They then came along to our meeting and shared what they’d collected, and asked for residents to feed back.

Financial and Practical Support

Free help with energy bills/debt for residents in Leeds

 In Leeds, you can access free, confidential and impartial help and advice on debt, money and other issues through a number of local organisations. (www.leedsmic.org.uk)

The organisations listed below offer citywide specialist advice and support for Leeds residents on a range of energy related matters as well as referrals or signposting for emergency fuel payments and vouchers where appropriate. One to one tailored support is available via digital, telephone and face to face appointments. 

Leeds Welfare Support Scheme

Emergency/Urgent support for residents unable to afford to pay for essentials such as food, gas and electric. Signposting and referrals are also available to other support organisations for wider help and support. 


0113 376 0330


Green Doctor – https://www.groundwork.org.uk/services/green-doctor/ 

Specialist Fuel and energy advice across Leeds (and the North East and Yorkshire), offering support on most areas including tariff comparison/switching, energy bills and debt, meter connection, access to emergency top ups, Emergency broken heating/hot water/gas appliances, priority services Register sign up for vulnerable people and energy efficiency advice. 

Green Doctor also work as part of the HomePlus Leeds project which includes Care & Repair Leeds and AgeUK, and covers a range of home care support for the elderly, including home safety measures and a ‘hospital to home’ scheme.

Contact: 0113 238 0601


Money Buddies Energy Plus Service – https://moneybuddies.org.uk/services/ 

Leeds based service offering money and energy saving advice, help with reading bills and meters, energy saving equipment and support for energy provider disputes and complaints. 

The service also offers access to free legal debt advice and support to prevent energy disconnections.


0113 2350276


Citizens Advice Leeds – https://citizensadviceleeds.org.uk/fuel-bills/ 

Citizens Advice Leeds, in conjunction with Northern Powergrid and Newcastle Citizens Advice have launched a project to help clients in West Yorkshire and the North East with fuel and energy. 

This includes help with bills and tariffs, debt advice, negotiating with creditors, securing charitable or other assistance, making complaints and resolving disputes with Energy Suppliers and the Energy Ombudsman. The service can also refer to Green Doctor and other agencies where appropriate. 


0800 448 0721 
online form
Energy Affordability webchat service and online self-help guides are also available 

Scope Disability Energy Support – https://www.scope.org.uk/disability-energy-support/ 

Service open to any disabled person or households in England or Wales, providing expert advice including managing energy debt, switching tariffs or supplier, energy efficiency, accessing energy benefits, grants and trusts, contacting or complaining to suppliers, understanding gas and electricity bills and understanding heating systems.


0808 800 3333 (freephone)



Other Support

National Support Schemes and Payments

Please note: the organisations listed above provide one to one help and advice for these schemes:


Yorkshire Waterhttps://www.yorkshirewater.com/bill-account/help-paying-your-bill/

Yorkshire Water offers various payment options and support schemes to help with ongoing water bills, arrears, as well as tips for reducing water usage.


03451 229 229  

Online Resources/Useful Links 

One stop web page for resources around Cost of Living https://www.leeds.gov.uk/campaign/cost-of-living

British Gas Energy Trust – Independent advice and support – British Gas

50 tips to save money on yoiur energy bills from Friends of The Earth