Seacroft stories


There’s loads to celebrate in Seacroft. We want to share stories from where we are, in our own voice. So take a seat, grab a cuppa, and enjoy some windows into our day to day in Seacroft.

The stories we want to share talk about three types of action: Looking after each other in order to have the same opportunities to live well, looking out for each other as we embrace diversity and celebrate difference in our communities, and putting what we know about caring for our planet into practice by looking after Seacroft.

Resident Volunteer Stories

Volunteering has empowered local residents like Clarrie to rediscover their identity after retirement: After I took early retirement, I had no idea who I was, or what my skills are. I found that volunteering was a great way to find out who I was.” >>

Refuge in Football For Local Refugees

“It’s definitely changed me as a coach. It’s opened my eyes. These guys were never gonna be part of my job. My job was always young people and football and sports. They’ve changed my life.” >>

A Local Caring Partnership

When the Covid Pandemic began and, what would become, the We Are Seacroft Network jumped on Zoom every morning to see how they could help, the Proactive Care Team jumped in too. >>>

Seacroft Community On Top

The Denis Healey Centre is a hive of activity; with lots of behind the scenes work going into the running of the inclusive and affordable activities on offer. Nothing here is pie in the sky, everything they do addresses a community-centred need and purpose.  >>>

Living well In Seacroft

We’ve all been put in a position where living well is going to be extra tough in these coming months. It’s really difficult. We can’t change the really big stuff, like energy prices and the rising cost of living, but we can work out ways to live better together. >>>

Creating Harmonious Communities

Looking out for each other is key to what we do. When people have an opportunity to meet up and share their stories, they will find things in common with each other, no matter what culture or background they are from. >>>

Musicathon 2023

On Saturday 17th June 2023, we held our annual Musicathon. Everyone was welcomed to enjoy 24 hours of free live music, live radio and community stalls. The performers, young people, volunteers, audience and stall holders all made this an incredible event here on the Seacroft Village Green. >>>

We Art Seacroft Festival 2023

On Saturday 12th August 2023, we held our annual Arts & Culture Festival: We Art Seacroft.

The festival was part of Leeds 2023: Year of Culture. We welcomed community groups, performers and artists from Seacroft and across Leeds to showcase their projects. >>>